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"We hold you accountable, push you harder, and have a vested interest in making sure you reach your personal fitness goals." 


- Dustin Beane, Managing Trainer & Co-owner


Personal Training

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Pricing for 

1 Hour Sessions

  • You're not seeing results

  • You don't know where to start

  • You're bored with your current workout routine

  • You need a challenge

  • You want to learn how to create better routines to exercise on your own

  • You want to be held accountable

  • You need a cheerleader

  • You don't own the right fitness equipment

  • You don't like working out in a traditional gym environment

  • You have a specific injury or illness

  • You're training for a sport or other event

  • You want a workout coach to teach you better form and prevent injury


1 on 1 Personal Training Rates      
1x Per Week..................$100/Session                       2x Per Week.................$95/Session                 
3x Per Week.................$90/Session                 
4x Per Week.................$85/Session                  
Group Training Packages (2 or 3 People)
Group Training Prices will be determined by the trainer based on size and frequency group meets.                
Class Training (More than 3 People)     
We currently offer a few classes and pricing will be determined on an individual basis by the trainer and the class offered    

***Pricing is subject to change, all trainers may negotiate pricing and package rates. Bootcamp classes are not included in the pricing above**

Why Workout with Active Lab?

  • No memberships or risk

  • Your fitness and happiness are our livelihood

  • Active Lab trainers are all professional trainers - they train clients for their living, so you're training with the best trainers who have dedicated their lives to fitness and their clients' goals.

  • We take pride in our gym - we purchase the right equipment, maintain that equipment and keep our space clean and safe

  • We do not allow unsupervised workouts - our gym is a safe environment and clients are only in the gym if accompanied by a trainer

  • We're a community - our trainers and clients support each other

  • We offer chiropractic care on site to keep your body in top shape

  • We care about you - this is not a gym for the masses, it's a specialized facility with a superior client focus. Your goals are our goals.

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