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Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is ideal to treat injuries and, if received regularly, is a preventative treatment that will address the health of muscles and connective tissue, range of movement, tone, symmetry, balance of muscle and quality of posture.


Why should you receive massage therapy?

  • Reduce muscle tension

  • Monitor muscle tone

  • Promote relaxation

  • Increase range of motion

  • Decrease muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise

  • Enhance athletic performance

  • Help prevent injuries

Alyssa Vipond

"I have lived in Colorado for the last ten years. From sunrise hikes in the Flatirons to mud runs in Snowmass, I have walked, run, crawled and ridden through much of what the Colorado outdoors has to offer. After graduating from the Denver School of Massage Therapy, I started my career as an injury and rehabilitative licensed massage therapist. Working in different medical and Wellness centers from Denver to Boulder, I got to see all the injuries Colorado has to offer. Car accidents, sports, work, working out, leisure activities, stress and life can all cause structural imbalances. I am passionate about helping people discover the full potential of their body. Movement is life, and I love helping people find their motion."

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Massage Room at Active Lab
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