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Workplace Wellness

Corporate wellness programs are not only about creating a more physically fit workforce to reduce employer costs. A workforce that's encouraged to be healthy is happier, more motivated and loyal to their company. These statements are not opinions, they have been proven time and again to be facts. 


At Active Lab, we offer a holistic approach to health with the ability to provide personal training, small group training, team building programs, customized nutrition plans, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and functional medicine. All of these services are offered in one location and without any membership fees. 


If you have a gym space at your facility, we can also have trainers come to you to teach classes and instruct at your location. 


Let's work together to create a wellness program that's effective and on budget, so that you can experience the benefits of a healthier and more engaged workforce. Click the button below to read about our corporate wellness program with AMI Mechanical, Inc.



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