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AMI Mechanical, Inc.

Active Lab and AMI have been partnering for over a year to educate and motivate their associates to be more active, engaged, and healthy. As a part of this corporate wellness initiative, Active Lab offers the following: 

  • Weekly boot camps during the lunch hour - two trainers design and instruct sessions that are setup in a conference room every Wednesday. These workouts are designed so that everyone can participate, no matter their fitness level.

  • Monthly newsletters - each month Active Lab publishes a newsletter with an article written by Dr. Newton of Active Performance Chiropractic, a healthy recipe, and links to a workout video to complete during each week of the month. 

  • 1-hour boot camps at Active Lab on Saturdays 

  • Functional Movement Screens - all associates participating in the wellness challenges are able to receive a full movement screen that is complete with corrective exercise videos to teach them how to move better. 

  • Wellness challenges - AMI and Active Lab have conducted 3 monthly challenges where associates can earn points and compete for prizes. Some of the challenges that have been designed include counting steps, meeting exercise quotas, reading health and fitness articles and completing quizzes, and setting long term and short term health goals. 

  • Discounted training sessions as well as discounted Chiropractic sessions.

AMI is an excellent example of an employer who genuinely cares about the well-being of their employees. As a result of this respect for their health, AMI's associates will be forever grateful to their employer for the chance to change their lives through fitness. 


Six months ago I was struggling with severe anxiety and stress which had resulted in having to go on high blood pressure medication and anti-anxiety medications. This is for someone who was prior on even the low side of blood pressure readings regularly. I took this challenge to get back to running daily and watching my intake of food not for too much but for not skipping and killing my own metabolism. Week three of the challenge I experienced a sudden drop in my blood pressure. (I say sudden because I was not monitoring) After meeting with my physician and discussing what I have changed and a week of monitoring now I am currently able to get rid of my blood pressure medication with regular monitoring and  thanks to yoga at the very least one day a week but usually twice a week I have not had to use anxiety medication in three weeks. I am grateful for the refocus and the fact that some of the smallest changes can impact us the greatest in our day to day lives.

So I did not do this challenge to win any prize I did this to win back some of the possible time I was realistically cutting off of my life.”*

—  Starr, Associate at AMI

*Testimonials and before and after photos found on this site are examples of results from clients. All results may vary. 

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