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Stephanie Rawson

Client Testimonials


"The first trainer I've worked with who is actually taking into account my goals, lifestyle, body type etc.  The workouts have been super challenging and fun.  Steph's knowledge about different types of workouts, body types, and overall fitness have been awesome.  She is truly inspiring and keeps me working towards my goals even if it has to be at-home workouts due to my little ones - Thanks Steph!"*

-Rachelle H., Broomfield, CO


"Stephanie is an all around great trainer!  I have worked with a few people and she definitely helped the most.  Not only did she KICK MY BUTT but made me excited to come back and do it again the next week!  Her knowledge of food and nutrition tips have stayed with me since!  Highly recommend this service."*

Alex S., Broomfield, CO



"Steph Saved My Life - I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it is very accurate.  I had not been taking very good care of myself.  I wasn't eating as good as I should, I wasn't exercising, I had Type 2 Diabetes, and was very overweight.  I felt as though my shelf life was at an end.  I didn't feel well.  I had to walk with a cane, and I couldn't walk a full city block.  That was over a year ago.  I have lost over 60 lbs, but more importantly, I feel good.  Steph taught me what I should be eating, how to get my balance back (I had fallen several times in my house), and that I could do exercises I thought I couldn't.  I am walking without my cane, and living with energy.  I look forward to my workouts.  Thank you so much Steph."*

- Carol R., MSG (Retired), US Army, Fort Lupton, CO



"Stephanie is a great workout coach! She challenged us each week to improve while assisting us along the way. She is attentive, helpful and has excellent routines. Absolutely the coach to select if you want to get that physique you have always wanted! She is definitely an inspiration!"*

- Kathleen A., Aurora, CO

"...I am winning my life back.  I had lab work done and went to the doctor this weekend.  I am pleased to let you know thanks to your help I can cut my diabetes meds in half and if I continue to lose weight and my labs are as good if not better in three months, I can get off my meds for diabetes and maybe some others.  Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement.  You provide so much more information than any of my doctors or nutritionists.  Thank you for what you do..."*

Janet W., Northglenn, CO


"I participated in a 12-week fitness challenge that Stephanie offered up in early 2014.  My wife joined me in the challenge and we have two boys under the age of three (yes, even the busiest people can take on a challenge like this).  Beyond just the great results of putting on 16 lbs of lean muscle, and dropping body fat, Stephanie taught me lifelong lessons about nutrition that I never anticipated I would learn.  In fact, the nutrition side of the program was bar-none the most effective part of the program.  I learned how where calories come from, which ones aligned with my goals and I tracked proteins, fats, and carbs every day.  The lessons I learned from Stephanie are life-long lessons that I will use for a long time to come.  I can't thank her enough for transforming not just my physique but how I think about food.  I am forever changed and I am excited that I created new habits during this challenge that are easy to follow into the future.  Bottom line - Stephanie digs into the details with you, she gets you results, and she even addresses the emotional aspects that were above and beyond any trainer I've ever met.  I highly recommend working with Stephanie to anyone who's serious about changing their body and mind to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come."*

- Peter H., Broomfield, CO

"I have been training with Stephanie for almost 2 years.  Stephanie keeps me motivated to work out, giving me energy and helping me to be healthy and happy.  I credit Stephanie's workouts with lowering my cholesterol and triglyceride levels and assisting in my weight loss.  She has helped me improve a chronic injury allowing me to have confidence to do activities that were difficult in the past.  Stephanie has truly been an asset to my overall health."*

- Valerie H., Denver, CO


"I have known Stephanie for 2+ years and initially engaged with her to train for a climbing trip to Yosemite Valley, CA.  The results I enjoyed by working with Stephanie boosted my confidence climbing and allowed me to enjoy my weekend climbs knowing that my strength and balance were now more in line with my aspirations.  I had a wonderful trip to Yosemite and I continue to work with Stephanie to achieve my ongoing weight loss and injury prevention goals and to stay strong for whatever comes next!"*

- Julia L., Northglenn, CO



"Great things have happened to me since Stephanie started as my personal trainer over a year ago.  I have lost weight and six pant sizes.  Circulation has returned to my legs, and my stamina is coming back.  I am learning to eat wisely with Stephanie's guidance to control my diabetes.  And best of all, my self-esteem has really grown with how happy I feel about my toned legs and arms."*

- Sheri N., Fort Lupton, CO







*All results may vary from the testimonials given above. 

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