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Bootcamp & Brews

On Saturday, August 20th, we hosted an event called 'Bootcamp & Brews' at Active Lab. We had so much fun celebrating our love of fitness and beer with some wonderful people. The money raised for the bootcamp was donated to A Precious Child in Broomfield, CO. A Precious Child, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to making a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged and displaced children and families in Colorado by improving their quality of life.

The bootcamp was challenging with 5 stations and a total of 14 different exercises. The workout was designed so that everyone could participate - no matter your fitness level. Saturday was a gorgeous day in Colorado, so we were able to do a group exercise outside together. After the 1-hour bootcamp, we ran the 1/2 mile to Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield for a free beer! The event was a great day of fitness, fun and craft brews. We're looking forward to hosting another Bootcamp & Brews soon, to benefit charity.

Thanks to Big Choice Brewing and everyone who came out to sweat for making the event a huge success!

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