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Fitness Buzzwords: What You Should Know

There are plenty of buzzwords in the fitness world. Some of the terms are legitimate and have scientific backing. However, there are some terms that are overused or misused in an effort, by many, to seem more legitimate or qualified to instruct. We recommend that you always do your research to understand why its been recommended that you workout a certain way or eat in a certain way. Beware of making an impulsive decision to start a fitness program or nutrition plan just because you heard some buzzwords. Many of the buzzwords that you hear may be great, but you should ask if the recommended program or diet is right for you.

Do your homework and hire someone who is dedicated to understanding the buzzwords and doesn't just 'throw them around'.

Are you ready to find out about HIIT training and muscle confusion? Check out Active Lab. We're experienced and educated fitness professionals ready to debunk some of the fitness terms like rapid weight loss and teach you about what's really meant by 'clean eating'.

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