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Matt White

Client Testimonials


"I signed up for 12 weeks with Matt in September, in less than 3 months I lost over 22 lbs and went from a size 10 to a size 6.  I was thrilled to be back in my small-sized clothes.  After 4 months my small clothes didn’t fit.  What fun to shop again – when everything you try on looks and feels great!  At the age of 44 I was not really sure it was even possible to be the size I had been in my 30’s."*

- Lisa S. Broomfield,CO


"Without Matt, I have a hard time pushing myself and getting the best workout I possibly can. I used to rely on just dieting to lose weight, but when combining Matt’s workouts with eating healthy, I look much more toned than with just dieting alone. Since training with Matt, I lost 3% body fat within 5 weeks. I went from a size 10 to a size 6! The best part of all, when training with Matt, I have lost weight, but gained a friend."*

- Melissa K. Broomfield,CO 



"Matt took on the problem like the true professional he is.  On a perfect gradient, Matt pushed me through exercises I could barely do.  He always gave me wins.  He educated me as we worked.

Matt is knowledgeable and mature far beyond his calendar years.  He has become a good friend and a trusted advisor.

I am now much stronger.  I've replaced fat with muscle.  I easily fit into pants now that haven't been comfortable for years.  My belt is down to the smallest notch.  I have more energy, and I face every day with a new joy.  I feel and look younger!  (My youngest brother is ten years younger than me.  He could be mistaken for an older brother at this point!  Man!  Does he need Matt's help!)

Exercising each morning is more fun than I ever imagined it would be.  The program Matt has me doing has me feeling great and looking forward to every workout.

If you are very lucky, as I have been, and you are smart enough to grab an opportunity when it presents itself, you will ask Matt to be your Personal Trainer.  I guarantee you will be very happy you took the step!"*

- Rex F. Denver,CO

"Matt is a talented young man that has the knowledge to help you train in interesting ways and the charisma to encourage you through tough workouts. Most importantly, Matt has the confidence of demonstrated ability as shown in his own life, with his own body.  As a young man I am impressed with Matt’s work ethic, value system, vision, and his energy to improve his life as well as the life of others.
I can enthusiastically recommend Matt as a trainer and a friend.  He has made a positive difference in my life to which I am very grateful."*

- Randal S. Brighton,CO

"If you are looking for someone who is motivating, highly educated and a get it done kind of trainer you should call Matt White. I highly recommend Matt White to anyone with a genuine desire to lose weight, be healthy and enjoy an active lifestyle! He is compassionate and has a sincere desire to help people that want to be helped!

By America’s standards I have been an obese person for the majority of my 54 years. Once, when I was about 18, tragedy hit my life and I got thin.  I lost a lot of weight in a very unhealthy way and ended up sick and in the hospital.  Many, many times I lost 30, 50 and even 60 lbs. and gained it back and more.  I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting when I was 7.  I honestly don’t believe there is a diet I haven’t tried with the exception of HCG…yuk!  I went to Weight Watchers camp when I was 12 and 15 in West Copake, NY and fasting clinics more than once.  I worked with trainers, took so many different diet pills, ate cabbage soup, cleansed, starved, ate grapefruit, drank shakes and even became vegetarian for a long period of time.  For the past 20 + years I have eaten pretty healthy, no soda, white floor, or fast food.  I love veggies and of course anything with salt that is crunchy (carbs).  I did advanced water aerobics for years, swam over a mile a day for almost 5 years and loved to walk.  All of this and still I was imbalanced, fell a lot, a size 24-26 and maintained an obese weight without a problem.  My body hurt so much, my legs, hip, lower back…I had so many medical and structure issues! 

When I started training with Matt we started slow due to my physical limitations and weight.  He got me to levels I never dreamed of and had me balancing on a Bouce ball in no time!  After almost 6 months I had lost only 11 lbs, but was moving and shaking a whole lot easier.  I was trying really hard with the food but was still eating too little in the day and way too much at night.  It was all so hard and my body was sore but manageable.  Matt was so supportive …always motivating me!!  Always pointing out how far I had come!

Matt & I talked a lot…I had learned a lot about nutrition from dieting all my life but he had so much more information to share with me.  He taught me the good stuff…what works!  He educated me on the science of it all, what went in and what went out.  He would text me everyday to see how I was doing and I would send him my food logs and stats on my activity.  I listened to him…I learned what I needed to do! Honestly it was hard to make myself a priority but I was feeling good, proud of my accomplishments, losing weight…and the skin was not hanging!  I was doing it right …gaining lean muscle mass and losing the fat.  Here I am, 18 months later, over 100 lbs thinner and still losing small amounts of weight and building lean muscle.  I bought my first size 10 pants and feel amazing…size 8 here I come!! A client and friend asked me a couple of weeks ago how my back was and I said I have little to no pain! I do an activity almost every day, jogging, hiking, biking, walking, gym work-outs, spinning and I love it all!!  I train with Matt once a week now and still listen and learn…he pushes me to new levels and doesn’t let me slack even when I whine!

I have been a dieter for over 45 years with limited and non-lasting results.  In the last 18 months I have truly changed my life with Matt.  I am happier and more comfortable then I can ever remember.  My husband and I take bike rides and have picnics by the streams, go to farmers markets and bring our bikes to ride around the different towns, go on hikes and have started taking active vacations…it is so cool!

I quit smoking 2 ½ years ago as I listened to a doctor tell my mom that he didn’t want to do life saving surgery on her to remove her cancer.  He said she didn’t have enough oxygen in her body to heal due to smoking.  I know I will never smoke a cigarette again in my life… just like I know I will never be obese again.  I am educated …I know what I need to eat and burn to be healthy and lean…I am enjoying life, activities I only dreamed of doing and great food and drink!

You can do this too…together as a team with Matt. Are you willing to listen and learn what he has to teach and just do it!  Call Matt…give it chance…you won’t regret it!

Thank you Matt…you are amazing!*

- Debi Keene

Matt White  - Before and After

*All results may vary from the testimonials given above. 

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