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Marc Mangan

Client Testimonials


Marc Mangan is truly an excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough (Mark you’re killing me!) and warm (Tasha you’re doing great), and he works with the whole person–mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. I recommend him without reservation.*


Almost 5 weeks ago I made a decision that it was time to take control of my mental and physical well being. In the last year I used all sorts of excuses for not exercising and eating a terrible diet. Oh, and isn't this just what happens in middle age. With the help of Tami DePalma I found an amazing trainer, Marc mangan. He has ethics, integrity, and a huge heart. He even let's me sing angry songs to him while he pushes me beyond what I think I am capable of doing. I was even able to get my boyfriend to come along for the ride. Not only have we both lost 8 lbs and body fat but our communication and connection has even changed. I would encourage anybody that is looking to improve their health and overall quality of life to contact Marc. He is truly a one of a kind.*


I am 2LT Moss and I needed to pass an AFPT test for the military. Mark worked with me diligently for about three months and I am grateful to say that I passed but exceeded the standard set for my division. He patiently worked within the perimeters of my schedule which continues to be very hectic. The workouts he created were specific to me and the goals I wanted to achieve. Although the workouts were challenging and he pushed me to give it all I had he also made the atmosphere enjoyable. Through it all, Mark encouraged me while helping me strengthen my physical and mental being and for this I will always be grateful.*

-2LT Jami Moss 108th Aviation Battalion

I have played sports since I was in the 8th grade. I played center in basketball and middle hitter in volleyball. Through the years it took a toll on my knees. The doctor said I needed to give up playing. Working with various trainers, telling them my needs; they were all good but I still had a lot of pain and no strength. Finally working with Marc, things changed. He corrected my mechanics and started me all over again with my workouts. It took some time but I could feel my knees getting stronger and the pain went away. I can even, go into a below parallel squat where before I didn’t have the mobility to do so. I also started to develop muscle in my legs I never had. I still play sports and run on top of it pain free. Marc not only listened but explained and laid out a plan for my personal goals. He praises and pushes at the correct time, he has the back ground as a trainer but also has personality which helped me want to be better and that’s something you can’t be taught. Thank you Marc, myself and my 40 year old knees are so happy to keep running and jumping!*


*All results may vary from the testimonials given above. 

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