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Jill Good

Client Testimonials


I highly recommend Jill Good at Active Lab, she is professional, personable and reliable and is truly  passionate about her clients and results show.
Jill works with the whole person -- mentally, emotionally & physically. Her overall health fitness & nutrition knowledge is on point. Because, of her efforts Jill has helped me with weight loss, increased energy, strength and confidence. I never get bored with the same workout routine she's constantly mixing it up and challenging me to the fullest each session.*
- Rachel Jones

Before I met Jill I never really thought about using a fitness coach to help me reach my goals. With specialized diets and refreshed workout routines Jill helped me reach another level in my fitness. She was an amazing coach, that was supportive when I was doubting myself and still continues her support and motivation after we were no longer working together. Jill is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness from exercise to diet  and her passion drives her to go out of her way and work harder for her clients.*

-Joanne Dang 

My wife and I were looking to change up our workouts and started searching for a personal trainer. I had never worked with a personal trainer and my wife had worked with a couple of different trainers over the past few years. Jill came highly recommended from the nutrition store we shopped at so we decided to give her a call. Jill sat down with us both and described her style and took our information and goals down. We discussed nutrition and specific time frames to hit our goals. We communicated to Jill through text and she was very helpful in guiding us what to eat. Jill's workouts were always different, focusing on different parts of the body. The hour workout went by fast and Jill was positive throughout the session. We always left the session with a plan for the week and the ability to reach out to her at anytime for guidance. Jill was also accommodating in preparing a specific workout for the sport you wanted to train for. I would recommend Jill as she has the ability to push you but also understand that eating and working out is not a perfect science but you can strive for a good balance. Working out with Jill, I was able to lose inches and weight and felt stronger by the end of my sessions.*

- Cliff Waite

When I met Jill I was in a rough spot. After getting married I gained around 15 pounds. I tried and tried to loose that weight, but no matter what I did I couldn’t loose any weight. My husband would drop weight in a flash, but for me it seemed impossible. I tried diet after diet, and nothing worked. I felt lost and discouraged. Then I met Jill.

​I hired Jill to help me to loose weight and get in shape. She did a wonderful job. Through a regimen of diet and exercise I was able to loose 10 pounds, which was no small feat for someone my size (5 ft tall). To this day, using the system Jill put me on I continue to lose weight. I have dropped all the excuses and I am getting in better shape. In fact, the other say day I was able to take a 20 mile bike ride with barely a sweat. I owe it all to Jill’s workout and diet routine. Her services are well worth the price she charges. I shopped for an affordable trainer and Jill was among the most reasonably priced. Her program’s affordability doesn’t minimize the effectiveness of her program. It really works and it was worth every penny.

​If you are looking for affordability coupled with amazing results Jill is your girl. I couldn’t recommend her more!*

- Arianne Golden

Jill Good was recommended to me from an area supplement store and upon contacting her, she was very eager to help me by coaching me to my first competitive bikini show. When we first met, I could tell she was the one for me. She was very open-minded and easily relatable. She was also very up front about the idea of working with me saying, “I’m not gonna waste my time on your workouts or diet, so I need you to not waste your time on me if you are not committed”. Diet wise, I learned a lot about doing it a healthy way and also a way in which I didn’t have to eat chicken, white rice and broccoli for every meal. She taught me about macros, information I will use the rest of my life. She made the grams in my macros easy to follow by giving me a shopping list to buy at the store and also introduce me to a cool app called, “my fitness pal”.  The workouts were also easy to follow and I had the option of working out with her or on my own. Jill took the “big sister” approach. She was positive, but also was realistic with the check-ins. I knew I could contact her with any question along my journey. She used her own life experience to guide me along my way and make the journey to my first bikini show the best experience I could have asked for. I met her looking for a coach, but along the way, I believe I found a friend.* - Ashley

Jill Good has exceeded my expectations as a personal trainer and as a health and trainer specialist. I have been working with Jill since July of 2015. In this short amount of time Jill has helped me transform my body and mind. Half way through our training I had to have surgery. I am convinced that Jill helped aid in my speedy recovery. She helped me provide my body with the proper amount for nutrition to have the least amount of negative effects during this time. My body was able to recover faster and stronger than before the surgery.  She doesn’t only focus on the physical aspects of training but also the mental and emotional aspects.  In years past I had a very negative outlook on food and despised it. I would do anything I could to avoid eating. Overth e last 12 weeks Jill has elped educate me on the importance of nutrition and why it is crucial to fuel my body. Jill is skilled, toughtful and has been a pleasure to work with.  I can honestly say that I have never felt so good in my life. I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have. I am never left disappointed after any of our workout sessions together. I have participated in many half marathons and since I have begun my training with Jill I have almost cut my mile time by one minute. Jill offers a relaxed, comfortable and friendly work environment. She is very passionate about fitness and is enthusiastic about her job and loves to see her clients succeed and their hard work pay off. I am proud to call her my trainer and friend.*

- Erika

*All results may vary from the testimonials given above. 

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