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Dustin Beane

Client Testimonials


My wife and I decided to begin competing in Spartan Races this year, so we wanted to find a trainer that could motivate us and push us to work hard and get in better shape. Dustin understood our fitness goals, both individually and as a couple, and each and every workout with him has been customized to be challenging, but also a fun experience. We never know what to expect when we walk into the gym, but he always delivers with new, unique exercises that push us to our limits. He encourages and teaches proper techniques to avoid injury, and is very attentive during the workouts even though he is training us both at the same time. This summer we completed two Spartan Races, and with Dustin’s help there will be many more next year!*

- Sam V. Dacono, CO

*All results may vary from the testimonials given above. 

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