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Rebecca Rosenblum

Client Testimonials


I have had multiple personal trainers. Rebecca stands out as one of my favorite trainers. She really engaged with me as a client, gave a lot of thought towards my fitness plan and goals. Everything she programmed for me was custom-she never took a one-size fits all approach and was able to adjust in real time if I was having issues on any particular day. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness with a creative, supportive and very knowledgeable trainer." 



“I struggle with weight fluctuation and have worked out with a trainer twice a week for the last 10 years to have consistent workouts to stay healthy. Rebecca definitely adds the "personal" to personal training. She takes a holistic approach in health looking at the whole person to develop realistic goals and how best to program. She focuses equally on holding a client accountable and recognizing that clients have a lot going on in their life and may not always be able to focus 100% on their health goals. By helping me set small goals over time that became habits, I was able to change my mindset and focus on the small steps to incorporate more exercise and better choices everyday  instead of monitoring the number on the scale. She also has a great repertoire of exercises to keep workouts interesting and challenging. If you get a chance to workout with her outside a gym, take it!”

Stephanie C

"Form and activation. Two key elements for getting stronger, healthier and more toned. Rebecca showed me the difference between a workout and an effective workout. I would always watch workout videos or attend fitness classes but they don’t compare to the type of knowledge I got from training with Rebecca. She taught me how important it is to activate all my muscles before working out, and how to cool them down after working out. She also focused on teaching me how my form should be looking like so that no matter what workout I’m doing later on, I can evaluate my own performance.

How many times have you gone to the gym thinking what should I do today? Does this look like I’m doing it right? How do I use this machine? I’ve had a trainer before, but I was still going into the gym asking myself these questions but that’s what made working out with Rebecca so different. I can literally go into the gym, know what muscles I want to target and what exercises target them. That was such a big step for me, and I have Rebecca to thank for that. 

Rebecca also taught me that I shouldn’t be over exerting my body, I was working out and doing too much cardio by doing classes. Rest days are important, it’s easy to get obsessed with going everyday, it happens. But rest days are just as important for building muscle. 

Another thing I absolutely loved about working out with Rebecca was that she understood what I needed to do better, most of the time it was music. Music, light conversation, and never repeating the same exercises made it so fun for me. Having ADHD, getting bored quickly, managing my time and committing are difficult things I go through, but when you’re motivated, excited to work out, and educated about what it is you’re doing, it makes those struggles a lot easier to overcome. Training with Rebecca allowed me to improve my focus, I started to pay attention to how the muscle is moving and what I’m feeling while workout out; I was listening to my body. 

I am so grateful for everything she’s done for me, she made me stronger and is even making me consider becoming a trainer myself— she’s a real inspiration."

Farah K


“Rebecca Rosenblum is an outstanding personal trainer. I am a male in my 50s and play sports, but have had injuries prior to working with Rebecca and often have muscle tightness. Rebecca is always able to modify my training– more stretching or more strength training - depending on my needs. She is very observant of any deviation from proper form and corrects me promptly avoiding injury. She is an athlete and fully understands the needs of clients who play sports. Working with her two years, my form and posture have improved, my muscles are less tight, I have avoided injury, I have gained strength yet am more lean, and my tennis and golf games have improved. I have also observed her with other clients. From both my experience and what I have observed, Rebecca has excellent communication skills and could work well with clients of any age.”

Bob M


"I was fortunate to have Rebecca as my personal trainer for 3 years. Rebecca’s training approach is positive and engaging. She was able to challenge me and continually help me improve my overall fitness while making our sessions fun. She constantly introduced new exercises and our sessions were never boring. I have some particular health issues and Rebecca was able to use her knowledge and education to design programs that worked for me while ensuring no further injury. 


*All results may vary from the testimonials given above. 

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