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Christine (Tine) Schempp

Client Testimonials


Tine is a great trainer, I am a male and I was not sure I would be comfortable with a female trainer and I did not think she would be able to motivate me to work hard. She plans out my workout sessions prior to our workout. She lets me know prior to our workout, what we will be working on, so that we make the most of our time. 

After each workout and also during the workout, she asks for feedback and uses the feedback to plan out my next workout session. The workouts are put together very well and she has a way to keep me motivated to continue to push work hard to meet my goals. 

She is also very knowledgeable in nutrition and diet. She continues to research not only various exercises and ways to get the most out of the exercise, she does the same with my diet and nutrition. I do not eat well, no vegetables or fruit. Tine will research vitamins and proteins and other foods that I do like, which replaces the vegetables and fruits that I do not eat. 

I did not work my legs prior to working out with Tine and I have notices my legs are developing faster than I thought. My knees and hips would ache when I would walk long distances. Now that I have been working my legs with Tine, my aches and pains are almost completely gone and my cardio has improved. 

She is a great trainer, motivator and advisor on diet and nutrition. I had 6 abdominal surgeries and a cervical fusion. I did not think I would ever be able to feel my abdominal muscles and the definition in whole body has improved as well as my confidence. If you would like to hear about my positive results from me, Tine has my number, feel free to call me. 

Training with Tine has exceeded my expectations and I do not think I would get the same results or be as motivated working with another trainer, male or female.*

~Marty G. 

Tine was such an easy-going trainer to work with! She was receptacle of my physical needs, and took the time to answer and explain my many questions about technique. Her strengths include flexibility, stability, and core exercises--not to mention her positive attitude and constant motivation!*

~Amy D. 

I've been working with Christine for about 3 months now and it has been the best experience. she is great at what she does. always pushes you finish and not fail. she is the best!!!*

~Rosa R

*All results may vary from the testimonials given above. 

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