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Ashley Olson

Client Testimonials


Loved my sessions with Ashley. I came to her with a neuromuscular disease diagnoses and my goals of getting and staying strong so that I hopefully wouldn't need assisting devices in the near future. Ashley researched the disease and consulted with a physical therapist to make sure that she was on the right track. She took on my husband and me at the same time. She was great at having workouts for him that he could complete since he was familiar with lifting while sticking close to me to make sure my form was on point and I was doing reps safely. We loved being introduced to the nutrition and's changed the way we view food and fuel our bodies! Would highly recommend her to anyone seeking serious fitness goals!*

-Holly Wilson 


Ashley knows her stuff and is a real human being who you can relate to. I can't give this lady enough credit on how much I've learned and continue to learn about nutrition and lifting.*

-Ashley Wasser

Ashley is a fantastic trainer, not only is she very knowledgeable she is very good at teaching. Whether you've been exercising for years or have sat on the couch for years, she makes the transition smooth and fun.*

-Shawnna Fletcher

I trained with Ashley Olsen for nearly a year and my experience was life-changing- I am not exaggerating! She has a way of finding the right plan for you and making you just as passionate about it as she is. Ashley is incredibly knowledgeable about what exercises and nutrition will help you reach your goals. She is incredibly kind, funny and perfect mix of firm and encouraging. I would most definitely recommend her to my friends!*

-Renee Ford

From the first day I met Ashley, she was kind and welcoming. She is motivating and inspiring and knows what to do to help you become the best version of you! I can't say enough nice things about her as both a trainer and a person. You will not be disappointed with Ashley as your personal trainer!*

-Kristen Kuhlmann 

Ashley's passion is health and fitness. She is a great trainer and takes into consideration your ability and can make modifications where needed. I love her flexible eating plan and have seen success when employing those tools she provides. She has a positive attitude and wants to help you reach your goals!*

-Marsha Olson

I've been working with Ashley since March of this year and to sum up my experience in a word it would be AWESOME!! I've lost 23 lbs and inches everywhere but more than that she has helped to change my perspective on food!! All my life food was the enemy because I was always taught that if you wanted to lose weight you just eat less. Ashley helped me realize that I can eat healthy and still go away from the table full!! I don't have to starve myself to lose weight and now food is my friend!! She made it fun and easy and it wasn't about being on a diet it was about changing my lifestyle! 
I would never be able to fit into one review how thankful I am for the help that Ashley has given me!!
I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone who is looking to get into shape and make that change for themselves!! Thanks Ashley!!*

-Jayson Booth

Ashley is an amazing trainer! She pushes you so you can achieve your goals, but she doesn't sacrifice form or quality for quantity of reps! She has a positive personality which makes her easy to work with and she truly cares about the people she trains!*

-Lois Tatro

*All results may vary from the testimonials given above. 

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